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Guest Photo Blog by Julia Courtney



Photo by Julia Courtney

Bubi or Bobby was the dog of Bulgarian national poet novelist and dramatist Ivan Vazov, 1850 -1921. When the author died in September 1921 Bubi pined for his master and eventually ran into the street and was killed by a tramcar. Vazov’s youngest brother Boris had Bubi stuffed and he still awaits his master’s return in Vazov’s house in Sofia. Legends surround Bubi and it is suggested he was following in the Bulgarian tradition of literary suicides.

Author info: Julia  Courtney worked for the Open University for some years, mainly tutoring history and literature modules. Her PhD was on the Victorian novelist Charlotte M Yonge. Researching Flaubert’s story ‘Un coeur simple’ rekindled an interest in taxidermy and she has published in Hampshire Studies and given various conference papers on that topic.