Who writes this blog?

Me (Dr Chris Pearson, Senior Lecturer in Twentieth Century History at the University of Liverpool). I am currently researching the history of human-canine relations in modern London, New York and Paris.

I am also a member of Connecting Human-Animal Interaction Research (CHAIR) at the University of Liverpool, and I co-direct the Environmental Humanities theme of the Centre for the Humanities and Social Sciences of Health, Medicine and Technology.

What’s the point of the blog?

This blog aims to uncover the role and presence of dogs in history. It’s a mixture of posts drawn from my research into dogs and the making of modern London, New York and Paris and more general musings on dogs and history.

There will also be guest contributions from fellow academics working in animal studies and history.

Who’s the blog for?

Everyone, especially those interested in dogs and/or history. Although I’m an academic, the blog is written in an accessible (i.e. non-academic) style.

Ways to follow and interact with the blog

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Please feel free to leave comments.

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Who’s the dog in the photo above?

Timmy (RIP), my mother-in-law’s former border collie and the greatest dog who ever lived, in my humble opinion.

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. I think your blog is very interesting. I am now included in the ‘like’ Facebook – Deborah, with the horse. I will be contacting you re the Speculative lunch with regard to the meeting you had with Prof Nickie Charles.

  2. Hello Mr. Chris Pearson, I discovered your blog incidentally while searching for similar situations with actual stray dogs issues in Romania. You might know that our country have just introduced a new legislation and we’ve started gathering the feral dogs and put them to slip if not adopted within 14 days. I am curious how UK is handling this issue? I know you have lately issues with the attacks of aggressive dogs over the children, and they are even owned dogs, what is your opinion about having 2 millions stray dogs in Romania, 10 killed persons in the last period, 18K people attacked each year? The reason I am asked is we are accused being a barbarian people (mostly by British and Italian persons) but I know euthanasia is/or was (until solving the problem) applied almost in all European countries and for sure we have not the economic possibilities of keeping alive 2 millions dogs in the shelters. We would really use some advises. Thank you, IREC (please visit https://www.facebook.com/IRECROMANIA?ref=hl, http://www.irecromania.ro)

  3. Anonymous said:

    When Did you Create this website and Last Upload?

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