Chris Pearson Academic Animal History Publications

Here is a list of my academic publications on dogs and history:

‘“Four-Legged Poilus”: French Army Dogs, Emotional Practices and the Creation of Militarized Human-Dog Bonds, 1871–1918,’ Journal of Social History (2017) doi:10.1093/jsh/shx090

‘Combating Canine ‘Visiting Cards’: Public Hygiene and the Management of Dog Mess in Paris since the 1920s,’ Social History of Medicine (2017) DOI: 10.1093/shm/hkx038

‘Stray Dogs and the Making of Modern Paris,’ Past and Present 234 (1) (2017): 137-172

‘Canines and Contraband: Dogs, Nonhuman Agency and the making of the Franco-Belgian Border during the French Third Republic,’ Journal of Historical Geography 54 (October 2016): 50-62

‘History and Animal Agencies,’ Oxford Handbooks Online (February 2016), DOI: 10.1093/oxfordhb/9780199927142.013.3.

‘Between Instinct and Intelligence: Harnessing Police Dog Agency in Early Twentieth Century Paris,’ Comparative Studies in Society and History 58:2(2016): 463–490

‘Beyond Resistance: Nonhuman Agency for a “More-Than-Human” World,’ European Review of History/Revue européenne d’histoire 22:5 (2015): 709-725

 ‘Introduction’ (with Peter Sahlins), special issue on ‘Animals in French History,’ French History 28:2 (2014): 153-6 [second author]

‘Dogs, history and agency,’ History and Theory 52:4 (2013): 128-145