Details of an event on dog mess that I organized at the University of Liverpool on 26 June 2017. Blog by Tom Webb.

Centre for Humanities and Social Sciences of Health, Medicine and Technology

Post by Tom Webb, Department of History, University of Liverpool

Dog excrement has been identified as a major public health concern in the United Kingdom and beyond. It also provokes feelings of disgust and raises questions about cleanliness and civility in the city. This public lecture explored the past and present of dog mess in the city through its history, in modern art and in current efforts to deal with the issue at the community level.

Historian Chris Pearson (University of Liverpool) opened the lecture by charting the history of dog mess within Paris, London and New York. Beginning in the late nineteenth century, Chris argued that dog faeces emerged as a problem at a moment when engineers, doctors and city officials strove to produce a hygienic city that was protected from human and animal wastes. Anxieties over the spread of Toxocoriasis through contact with dog faeces in the 1970s…

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